Irregular Migration: This is the movement of people into a country in disobedience to the immigration laws of that country.
It is the act of making a home in a country without the legal authorization of the government of that country.

Most young Africans who think of running out of their mother land to become aliens in foreign countries have not really understood their purpose.
It’s purpose that informs your place of residence.
The various nations where most African youths are striving to be are the way they are because people on those nations are fulfilling their purpose.

What is Purpose?

Purpose is the reason for existence.

Value & Purpose

One of the characteristics of purpose is that it is redemptive. It is always geared toward bettering humanity

Discovering and fulfilling your purpose makes you a person of value.
People pay you directly proportional to the quality of value you offer them.

You can’t be poor selling your value to people.
Therefore lack of purpose leads to a lack of value and lack of value can lead to the thought of irregular migration.

Most Africans who migrate illegally end up in those countries doing illicit jobs, some end up as cleaners all the day of their life.
That is an abuse of your existence.
Purpose gives you value

Building Purpose Out of Catastrophe

It has been said that one of the causes of illicit migration is the state of a nation’s economy.
King Solomon, in his article on the medium blog, said “we say problems are unending.
Every problem in the world can be solved if a man discovers himself”.

“Problems are many in the world as much as humans are many the number of humans in the world is directly proportional to the number of problems”

“Therefore I’m no better than you and
you are not better than me”

“If you solve the problems you are made for,
I solve the problem I’m made for,
There would be no problem left”

Young People need to realize that as much as problems abound in their country; solutions abound much more among the citizens of that nation.

Anything that you see within the environment of your country that is unpleasant to you; the requisite energy to deal with it is inside of you.

There’s a reason you are a Nigerian!!!
There’s a reason you are a Ghanaian!!!
There’s a reason you are Senegalese!!!
Find it and begin a national transformation!

If you leave the country, you are leaving the problem to solve itself.

Most African nations have very weak currencies, this affects them in the international market trade platforms and all of these are visible signs of a weak economy.

When issues like the above bother you, it’s a glimpse of your purpose.


African nations should introduce non-formal education into their educational systems where these concepts like purpose are taught. This training can also be given to returnees too before they are empowered.

Secondly, African nations should buy into Educational mentoring projects where they invite resource persons from developed nations to disciple our people in creativity, invention & innovation programs with practical steps.

Lastly, The government should run scholarship programs to train people outside the country and bring them back to bring national transformation.

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