At Genius Hub Global Initiative, we are not just focused on the aged and youth of society, we are also very particular about the future of Nigeria by building trans-generational programmes through our Genius Hub Junior component. These and many more explains how deliberate we take our social enterprise.

Genius Hub summer school focuses on teaching pupils and students of public and private schools, basic skills relevant and necessary for ensuring a healthy body image and esteem, and an all-round growth and development.

Over 75% of the children from the last summer school session were given scholarships  and were trained on basic ICT skills like HTMLCorel draw designMicrosoft WordExcelPowerPointCreative writing, etc.

The graduation ceremony which marked the end of the summer school session was attended by representatives of EdoJobs, the proud and over joyous parents, who were so grateful to Genius Hub for giving the children such an opportunity, engaging them during the holidays and taking their attention away from social vices in the society.

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